Colas Rail

ul. Kartuska 5, 80-103 Gdańsk

T.+48 58 308 94 44


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Our people are our strength and everyone working for Colas Rail plays a vital part in the success of the company.

Colas Rail Polska is the place, where work is combined with pleasure. Because we know that people are the foundation of every institution.

We invest in human capital - efficient recruitment, employing the best employees in terms of acquired qualifications and experience, the ability to constantly improve qualifications through training, that and many more we offer to each person, regardless of the position. We also help in outlining current and future professional plans. We improve our activities in the area of HR by introducing modern solutions that facilitate communication and workflow of documents. And we do all this to make every employee feel an integral part of the great family - the Colas group, which employs 125,000 employees around the world.

If you are interested, apply, sending your CV to, because it is your track for the future!