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Railway line nr 30 Łuków - Parczew

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Railway line nr 30

As part of the project "Works on the railway line No. Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa - Dorohusk on the section Warsaw - Otwock - Dęblin - Lublin" in the field of Partial Order No. 2, Colas Rail Polska has completed a comprehensive modernization of the railway line no 30 on the section Łuków - Parczew which one was closed for over 15 years. As part of the modernization, the following works were performed:

  • complex renewal of 50 km of railway tracks, using high-output machines like PUN Train which replacing old rails and sleepers for new 60E1 heavy rails and new PS-94 pre-stressed concrete sleepers, ballast cleaner - Rm80 removing debris and weeds from ballast, track tamping machine CSM regulating the track in plan and in profile, USP ballast profiler, machines for dynamic stabilization DGS track and the grinding train for the running surface of rails,
  • reconstruction of 2 railway stations in the towns of Radzyń Podlaski and Bezwola with montage 19 turnouts in block technology,
  • modernization of 13 engineering objects, including a steel viaduct over DW815,
  • reconstruction of 30 road crossings with surface types EDILON at DK63 and DK19, Mirosław Ujski - 12 items and CBP - 16 items,

The modernization was made to create a loop route for passenger and freight trains for the duration of the modernization of the railway line No. 7 Warsaw - Lublin. The maximum speed after modernization is 120 km / h. The approximate value of the performed scope of works, together with the value of investor materials, is PLN 71.5 million.